The birth of a child is the most splendid moment in the life of every single parent. Christening is an important religious ceremony. If you would like to celebrate it with your dearest ones and be sure that the setting is perfect, just choose our restaurant!
We will prepare exquisite dishes, not only from the traditional Polish cuisine, which is our speciality, but also meals chosen by our clients. We offer a large, air-conditioned room which can host even 120 people so preparing a family event of considerable size is no big deal. Among our tasks there is the decoration of the room, as well as taking care of the schedule of the celebration and the guests, so that everyone is in good mood.
Considering the comfort of a mother and a baby, we offer them during the reception a nursing room. Guests who would like to stay overnight are offered a discount. In such an event, we recommend to book the rooms at the same time when making a reservation of the hall for the christening reception. WELCOME!